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2019-10-14: Good morning

2019-10-13: We’ve made an addition to the family. Pearl was born August 13th. We brought her home yesterday. …

2019-08-17: Steel vengeance 🙌

2019-08-17: Maverick, first ride of the day.

2019-06-24: Basil prosciutto & cheese

2019-06-18: Honey,have you seen that pound of Beef Jerky I made on the Traeger? I swear it was right here.

2019-06-16: It’s time for MDA camp again. 😁

2019-05-09: 18lb Packer with @meatchurch Holy Cow

2019-04-05: 🖖

2019-02-26: Just finished reading #shiftingintohighgear by @kyleabryant ❤️ #curefa #donteatseafoodinelpaso


2019-01-12: Yum

2019-01-12: Ready for the grill

2018-12-01: April 18, 1998

2018-12-01: It’s that time of year again.

2018-11-20: Christmas just came early……

2018-11-07: Trading in my quad Mac Pro trashcan for a 6-core 3.2Ghz MacMini. $955 trade in value is pretty …

2018-10-16: 🌳🐸

2018-10-01: I think I’m gonna change my name to Zak Pizzazz

2018-09-17: Hazel X Stage Light

2018-09-15: Tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic.

2018-09-07: I’ve really been digging Cocaine and Rhinestones. What a great podcast.

2018-09-06: 🍕

2018-09-05: Replacing the circulation pump in my dishwasher. The bummer though, is the drain hose cracked in …

2018-09-03: So I posted this video last night. It’s my daughter Eleanor explaining a bit about her rare disease …


2018-08-31: The Red Baron flys again.

2018-08-31: Eleanor’s ready for the Gatekeeper

2018-08-31: I’m trying not to get my hopes up for a new Mac Mini/MM replacement. That being said, it feels like …

2018-08-21: Hazel and Jimmy up on top of trail ridge rd.

2018-08-18: So after having my first MRI, I kinda feel like I know what a Moog feels like on the inside.

2018-08-18: Oh, it started over for some reason.. That’s good… 🤦‍♂️

2018-08-18: Holy Motherforking Shirtballs

2018-08-17: Just waiting for my final cut download to complete on a very slooooow coonneeccttiooon…blarg

2018-08-17: I know it’s kind of crazy but I’ve really been wanting a konro grill…

2018-08-15: We’re on the road again..

2018-08-14: If you’re looking for a good documentary to watch, check out The Ataxian. Its available on iTunes , …

2018-08-14: Icro seems nice

2018-08-14: hmm 樂 emoji support seems a bit weird..

2018-08-03: Brussels Sprouts, 🥓,and ghee. #traegergrills

2018-07-31: #curefa


2018-07-20: We’ve got two days to put RideATAXIA Chicago over the top. #curefa

2018-07-20: Morning coffee. #FAWoodstock2018

2018-07-12: Post Taekwondo lemonade

2018-07-04: Got a little ride ataxia training in this morning.

2018-06-27: New ladder is seeing plenty of action.

2018-05-01: Eleanor and Gracie are having a good session.

2018-04-28: Jimmy digs the fountain

2018-04-14: New tailpiece is on. 😁

2018-04-14: Drilled out the end pin hole on the new tailpiece. Did it in three steps.